Brave and the Bold #147 Art by Jim Aparo

Title: Brave and the Bold #147 Art by Jim Aparo Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: DC, 1979 Price: $4,500.00
Original artwork for Brave and the Bold #147 (DC, 1979), by the incomparable Jim Aparo (pencils, inks and lettering). This is all out outer space battle action at its zenith with Batman and Supergirl teaming up in the story, "Death-Scream from the Sky," written by Cary Burkett. In this dramatic space scene, Batman pilots his small craft to try and take out the deadly laser gun on the STAR labs satellite, while Supergirl is kept at bay by the red sun radiation. There is a nice full image of Supergirl in panel one and a superb one-third splash in panel four as Batman is blasted from his space craft to be catapulted into the frigid void of outer space. Great full image of Batman as well as some nice dramatic close-ups as the Dark Knight Detective battles to save his very life.

Jim Aparo is the UNDISPUTED HOTTEST artist in the marketplace right now. Supergirl pages are tough to come by in any era, but to find one with her fighting alongside Batman is a rare gem indeed. And to top that all off, this piece is TOTALLY FRESH, being locked up in a private collection for many decades.

Page is in excellent condition with an image size measuring 10" x 15." This piece features a great deal of black inks in most of the panels due to the outer space scenery, which makes the artwork even more eye appealing and desirable than usual.

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Image: Brave and the Bold #147 Art by Jim Aparo

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