Creepy #15 Art by Neal Adams

Title: Creepy #15 Art by Neal Adams Number:
Pedigree: Grading Company: Grade:
Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Warren, 1967 Price: $5,000.00
Current Bid: $4,200
Great action page from Creepy #15 (Warren - June, 1967) by the living legend himself, Neal Adams (pencils and ink wash) for the story, "The Terror Beyond Time." This is a key battle scene with a superb 1/3 splash panel as the two time travelers engage in mortal melee to-the-death with, not only one, but two attacking T-Rex's.

This is early Adams, at his finest, working for Warren Publishing when he was inking his own pencils and experimenting with various techniques, such as this ink wash, which produced stunning and remarkable results. Finding pages in which Adams inked his own pencils is tough enough, but acquiring such a fabulous ink wash example by this HOF artist is even rarer still.


P.S. By the way, that cave man in the grip of the T-Rex is toast!

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Image: Creepy #15 Art by Neal Adams

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