Captain America #21 page 3 art by Steve Epting

Title: Captain America #21 page 3 art by Steve Epting Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Marvel, 2006
Original artwork for Captain America Vol. 5 #21 (Marvel, 2006), page 3 by the talented, fan-favorite Steve Epting (pencils and ink-wash). Dramatic battle-action page for the story, "Twenty-First Century Blitz - Conclusion," written by Ed Brubaker. Here, Captain America takes on the Red Skull's gigantic Sleeper Robot that is in the process of leveling London. Cap takes decisive action, but is thrown like a rag doll from the Sleeper as he warns Sharon Carter (Agent 13) to land her hover craft before she is blown from the sky from the Sleeper's ray-beams. In the final panel, the Winter Solider (James "Bucky" Barnes) prepares to make his assault upon the giant Sleeper.

This page features excellent images of three of the major heroes from this exciting finale, including three great panels of Cap himself. And, pages that feature the Winter Solider are quite rare and very sought-after, to say the least. Signed by Steve Epting in top margin.


Image: Captain America #21 page 3 art by Steve Epting

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