All-Star Squadron #28 Splash Art by Richard Howell

Title: All-Star Squadron #28 Splash Art by Richard Howell Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: DC, 1983 Price: $4,500.00
Spectacularly epic half splash and two page sequence original artwork for All-Star Squadron Vol. 1 #28 pages 15-16 (DC, 1983) by Richard Howell (pencils) with finishes by Gerald Forton (inks). For the tale, "By Hatred Possessed," these are two amazing pages that offer just about everything one could possibly look for - the All-Star Squadron (Wonder Woman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Starman, Sandman, Hawkman and Sandman) battling furiously against the Awesome Astral Avenger himself, the Spectre, while Sargon the Sorcerer concentrates with all his ability to contact the Arch-Mage, Doctor Fate who hurls uncontrollably down through uncounted cosmic corridors known as the "Infinity of Oblivion." Sargon is able to communicate and touch Doctor Fate and, when the power of the Ruby of Life (Ring of Life) touches that of the Helmet of Nabu, Doctor Fate is saved from his immediate dilemma, but is cast into yet another dimension to confront the evil High Priests and Sorcerer, Kulak. No rest for the weary, I guess.

Half splash page includes Wonder Woman's Invisible Place along with some great dialogue by the Spectre, "And when you few lie lifeless below, I shall sped a tear -- before I rend the earth from pole to pole!" And page 16 includes a very key element in the history of the DC Universe - the Ruby or Ring of Life, which was first introduced way, way back in More Fun Comics #60 (DC, 1940), when The Spectre utilized it to help him defeat the evil Xnon. The Ring of Life would later restore life to Jim Corrigan.

All in all, this represents a GREAT two page sequence that features some of the greatest Golden-Age super heroes in the history of comic books!

Image: All-Star Squadron #28 Splash Art by Richard Howell

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