Brave and the Bold #168 Art by Jim Aparo

Title: Brave and the Bold #168 Art by Jim Aparo Number:
Pedigree: Grading Company: Grade:
Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: DC, 1980
Brave and the Bold #168 page 2 (DC, 1980) original artwork by Bronze-Age legend Jim Aparo (pencils, inks and letters). Action-packed five large panel page from the story, "Shackles of the Mind" as Batman (who co-stars with Green Arrow) goes for the gusto against some vicious alley thugs as he takes them down one-by-one.

Such utterly outstanding, all out full blown action pages by Aparo are quite scare in the marketplace and this wonderful example certainly does not disappoint with the Capped Crusader prominently featured in each and every panel. Aparo's bold and sublime inking is a sight to behold with inks that seem to jump right off the page from the dynamic battle action.


Image: Brave and the Bold #168 Art by Jim Aparo

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