Flash and Green Lantern: Brave and the Bold #3 Title Splash Art by Barry Kitson

Title: Flash and Green Lantern: Brave and the Bold #3 Title Splash Art by Barry Kitson Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: DC, 1999
Offered here is a absolutely killer title splash original artwork for Flash and Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold #3 (DC, 1999), by the talented Barry Kitson (pencils and inks). Written by seasoned scribe Mark Waid, this title splash reflects the climatic scene for this tale entitled, "A World of Hurt." This impressive piece is a warm ode, which harkens back to the Golden-Age and Silver-Age legendary heroes of yesteryear as the Golden-Age Flash Jay Garrick) and Green Lantern (Alan Scott) take time to guide their younger counterparts, who have taken the mantle of the Silver-Age Flash (Barry Allen) and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). They test each others mettle on a alien planet area called Raznak Park - a planet that seems designed to counteract their power rings. Having to contend with yellow rain, chocking fumes, a strange yellow quicksand trap and a swarm of aggressive insects that are made of wood and that soon form into one giant attacking beast, the heroes band together and soon best these multiple attacks with timely teamwork.

This title splash includes two beautiful original art full figure images of the Golden-Age Flash and Golden-Age Green Lantern at the left side of the page with the text that reads, "Before Barry Allen and Hal Jordan - Before the Justice League - Jay Garrick and Alan Scott were the first to bear the names Flash and Green Lantern!

"During the 1940s, they fought the enemies of America as members of the Justice Society! Today, they band together for a different reason - to help guide their young heirs to their Destiny!"

Artwork is in NM to excellent condition with all original stats and image size measuring approx. 9.5" x 14." Signed by both writer Mark Waid and artist Barry Kitson below indicia.


Image: Flash and Green Lantern: Brave and the Bold #3 Title Splash Art by Barry Kitson

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