Daredevil #78 Art by Gene Colan

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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Marvel Comics, 1971 Price: $4,400.00
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Bold and dynamic 4-panel full action battle page for the story, "The Horn of the Bull" in Daredevil #78 (Marvel Comics, 1971) by the titan talents of Gene "The Dean" Colan (pencils) and Tom Palmer (inks). This is a key piece of original artwork since this issue introduces DD's name villain, Man-Bull. This page is a very key moment in the story, featuring the very first time when the crimson crusader meets William "Bull" Taurens, as DD goes toe-to-toe in mortal combat with the villain who will soon become the tragic Man-Bull at the end of this issue due to an unorthodox biological transgenesis experiment gone horribly wrong.

Both Colan and Palmer are in the prime peak period of their careers here, with a sublime use of zip-a-tome shading in the second panel in Bull's face, which depicts a superb close-up shot of the villain ready to dish out some serious hurt. And, the sensational large 4th panel is a beauty to behold, poetry in motion as DD rips the savage Bull away from his would-be victims. Art is bolding rendered in the classic and dynamic style that has made both talents so respected and celebrated. Terrific action and pulse-pounding drama in the mighty Marvel Way, just as you demand it!

Page is in excellent condition with image size measuring 10" x 15".

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Image: Daredevil #78 Art by Gene Colan

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