Captain America Vol 5 #21 page 22 art by Steve Epting

Title: Captain America Vol 5 #21 page 22 art by Steve Epting Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Marvel, 2006 Price: $1,000.00
Original artwork for Captain America Vol. 5 #21 (Marvel, 2006), page 22 by the talented, fan-favorite artist Steve Epting (pencils and ink-wash). From the story "Twenty-First Century Blitz - Conclusion," written by Ed Brubaker. This end page scene features Captain America's arch-nemesis the Red Skull, who has taken possession of Aleksander Lukin, and two members of the Neo-Nazi group The Master Race; Crossbones (Brock Rumlow) and Sin (Synthia Shmidt), daughter of Johann Shmidt (the original Red Skull). And, the Drums of War are just beginning to pound.

Original artwork from this classic run is highly sought after and very difficult to come by since many of the ideas and plots published herein were adapted by Marvel Comics into the Captain America feature films. Signed by Steve Epting in top margin.

Image: Captain America Vol 5 #21 page 22 art by Steve Epting

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