Blue Water White Death One Sheet Poster

Title: Blue Water White Death One Sheet Poster Number:
Pedigree: Grading Company: Grade: VF/NM
Type: Movie Poster Page Color: Publisher Date: National general, 1971 Price: $125.00
Current Bid: $0
MAN-EATER! One sheet poster (27" x 41") for the classic documentary that seeks out to study, perhaps the most dangerous predator on the face of God's green earth - Carcharodon carcharias...the Great White Shark! This expedition took over nine months, as a team of photographers including Peter Gimbel, Rodney Fox, Ron and Valerie Taylor (among others), traveled to such remote regions as Durban, South Africa, across the Indian Ocean and finally to South Australia in hunt and capture on film the most fearsome shark of them all. Dramatic image of the Great White coming at the onlooker with jaws fully agape, ready for his next meal. This is a beautiful VF/NM copy on linen with only minor touch-up in the fold lines.

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Image: Blue Water White Death One Sheet Poster

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