Captain America #21 page 1 art by Steve Epting

Title: Captain America #21 page 1 art by Steve Epting Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Marvel, 2006 Price: $1,200.00
Original artwork for Captain America Vol. 5 #21 (Marvel, 2006), page 1 by Steve Epting (pencils and ink-wash). Dramatic opening scene for the story, "Twenty-First Century Blitz - Conclusion," written by Ed Brubaker, which features the Red Skull's gargantuan Sleeper Robot unleashing mayhem and destruction upon the city of London. The Red Skull boasts (off-panel), "Yes! Yes! Mark this Hated city for me, you Terrible Creature! FIRE the night sky with my vengeance! The Sleeper is MY instrument...and DEATH is its symphony." The Red Skull is subtly revealed as controlling Aleksander Lukin's warped consciousness in panel four.

And, as London burns and crumbles all around him, Captain America charges into the fray. This is a GREAT opening page for a rousing action-packed finale to this 4-part epic tale. Signed by Steve Epting in top margin.

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Image: Captain America #21 page 1 art by Steve Epting

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