All-Star Squadron #61 art by Mike Harris

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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: DC, 1986 Price: $595.00
Original artwork for All-Star Squadron #61 (DC, 1986) page 10, by Mike Harris (pencils) and Tony DeZuniga (inks). "The Origin of Liberty Belle," written by Roy Thomas and Don Cameron begins with the heroine asking a profound question, "So you want to know my origin for your post war book, do you, Tarantula? All right -- why not? But I warn you, it's not a pretty story, because Liberty Belle, was born -- like Liberty itself -- on a battlefield amid a world at war..." Libby Lawrence recounts her dark days during World War II, from Nazi Germany invading Warsaw, Poland to Amsterdam to the battle of Dunkirk and onto Philadelphia, PA where she would, at last, don the guise of her alter ego, Liberty Belle.

This page features the historic Battle of Dunkirk and the makeshift "fleet" sent across the English Channel to rescue the British army from complete annihilation at the hands of Nazi Germany. Libby nearly succumbs to despair during the barrage before her benefactor, American spy Rick Cannon, appears once again and puts her aboard a small skiff to escape the mayhem. Origin pages are tough to find and seldom offered on the market.

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Image: All-Star Squadron #61 art by Mike Harris

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