Martian Manhunter #6 Splash Art by Eddy Barrows

Title: Martian Manhunter #6 Splash Art by Eddy Barrows Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: DC, 2016 Price: $1,500.00
Without any doubt whatsoever, this piece represents one of the finest images of J'onn J'onzz - the Martian Manhunter we have ever seen at any time whatsoever.

Original splash artwork for Martian Manhunter Vol. 4 #6 (DC, 2016) by the talented Eddy Barrows (pencils) and terrific finishes by Eber Ferreira (inks). Powerful piece in every aspect dynamically depicts J'onn J'onzz standing strong and stalwart, in his full Martian glory, ready for action as a deluge pours down all around him. Barrows complements the pulse pounding splash with a dramatic extreme close up of the Manhunter, his Martian eyes fully fixated forward at you.

J'onn J'onzz was one of the original (and most powerful) founding members of the famed Justice League of America.

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Image: Martian Manhunter #6 Splash Art by Eddy Barrows

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