Ghost Rider #31 two page art by Don Perlin

Title: Ghost Rider #31 two page art by Don Perlin Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Marvel, 1978 Price: $7,500.00
This wonderful duo gives new and fresh meaning to the cryptic term, "Riders on the Storm!"

Original artwork for Ghost Rider Vol. 2 #31 pages 23 and 28 (Marvel Comics, 1978), by the talented team of Don Perlin (pencils) and Bob Layton (inks). From the epic four-part tale, this issue's story is entitled, "Demon's Rage" and features Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) fully engaged in a desperate chase as the enigmatic and hellish Bounty Hunter (Lemuel Haskil - a dammed ghost from the 19th century) is riding hot on his heels, hunting for his soul in a quest to capture it for the devil himself. And the chase of the century is on!

This outstanding two page sequence features the Ghost Rider tearing into a dead end alley way on his flaming motorcycle in every panel, highlighted by three outstanding vertical splash panels (on page 28) that perfectly showcase and enhance the high speed action - a classic scene wherein Ghost Rider burns a pathway straight up the very side of a building in an attempt to evade his relentless dark pursuer - the Bounty Hunter. This nifty idea was utilized in dramatic fashion in the Ghost Rider feature film (Columbia Pictures, 2007), that starred Nicholas Cage as Johnny Blaze. Great overhead shot of the Bounty Hunter about the capture Ghost Rider with a nifty hellfire trick of his very own.

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Image: Ghost Rider #31 two page art by Don Perlin

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