Ghost Rider #29 Art by Don Perlin

Title: Ghost Rider #29 Art by Don Perlin Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Marvel, 1978 Price: $4,500.00
Can you hear that? Or, perhaps a better question would you want to hear it? The soft crisp claps of an ebony horse and the deadly dark rider whom sits upon his back. Can you feel the relentless approach of impending doom? Does your soul tremble in fear? It should.

Very cool original artwork for Ghost Rider Vol.2 #29 page 17 (Marvel Comics, 1978) by the talented seasoned team of Don Perlin (pencils) and finishing inks by Tony DeZuniga and Alfredo Alcala. For the eerie thriller, "Deadly Pawn!" this is a key one page interlude scene which features the very first appearance of The Bounty Hunter, the fearful adversary who would hound and hunt down the Ghost Rider in the two next issues in order to steal his soul for his evil master, the devil himself.

This is a wonderful page that is ripe with an eerie ethereal mood, while being heavy on foreboding atmosphere exemplified by the torrential downpour, lightning bolts that crack the night sky and the dramatic cinematic camera angles to boot. And, the fact that this mysterious bounty hunter has no interest nor intention of bringing in his prey alive is made quickly apparent. Johnny Blaze with have all he can bargain for with this vile villain.

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Image: Ghost Rider #29 Art by Don Perlin

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