Jungle Action #10 Art by Billy Graham

Title: Jungle Action #10 Art by Billy Graham Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Marvel, 1974 Price: $7,995.00
Pulse pounding half splash original artwork for Jungle Action #10 (Marvel Comics, 1974) by Billy Graham (pencils) and Klaus Janson (inks). Key scene from the supernatural thriller entitled, "King Cadaver is Dead and Living in Wakanda," which represents Billy Graham's very first work on Black Panther in Jungle Action. Since page one of this story was completed in pencils on vellum with Janson inking it on a separate piece of paper, this second page is the first completed collaboration of Graham, Janson and writer Don McGregor. And boy is it a dozy!

The Black Panther being ambushed by a gigantic 20-foot crocodile, who pulls him down under the murky jungle waters of Wakanda, while Taku, King T'Challa's communications commander looks on in horror at the violent melee unfolding before his eyes. McGregor's writing is graphically detailed as well as deeply insightful as he brilliantly describes the savage battle action that pits man against breast. Tough to best this baby, for sure.

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Image: Jungle Action #10 Art by Billy Graham

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