Time Spirits #1 Art by Thomas Yeates

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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: EPIC Comics, 1984 Price: $795.00
Beautiful original artwork from the deluxe format 8-issue series, Time Spirits #1 (EPIC Comics, 1984) by the talented Thomas Yeates, (pencils and inks). In this pivotal scene, the young hero of the tale Doot of Wawenoc, sleek and beautiful, swift as a deer and silent as a fox, witnesses the death of the white boy Ezra, and his miraculous resurrection, as he carries him back to his grieving mother.

From the very first issue story (written by co-creator, Steve Perry)entitled, "Indian Spring," this is a most serene piece of artwork that takes place in the American frontier during the Spring of A.D. 1633, just before the American Revolution. It is an intriguing tale which presents an unusual blend of American Indian folklore, authentic history and mystical fantasy while touching on the concepts of time travel.

EPIC's legendary editor, Archie Goodwin praised Yeates sublime artwork for Time Spirits as a, "beautiful mixture of realism and romantic imagery." And rightfully so. For, it is quite evident from looking at this insightful and thought provoking piece that Yeates was going full out with his artistic efforts, being the co-creator of the series as well.

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Image: Time Spirits #1 Art by Thomas Yeates

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