Mister Miracle #1 Art by Steve Crespo

Title: Mister Miracle #1 Art by Steve Crespo Number:
Pedigree: Grading Company: Grade:
Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: DC, 1996
Key piece of original artwork for Mister Miracle Vol. 3 #1 (DC, 1996), by Steve Crespo (pencils) and Marcio Morais (inks). This is a beautiful splash-like page for the storyline, "The Making of a Legend," that features several vignettes, which tell the origin story of Scott Free (who would become Mister Miracle) that includes Darkseid, the Highfather, Granny Goodness, Thaddeus Brown (the original Mister Miracle) and, a terrific full figure image of the bold and beautiful Big Barda.

Both Crespo and Morais out due themselves here with very skillful layouts, rendering and finishes with a sublime use of zip-a-tone in Big Barda's helmet and shadowing in last vignette with both Mister Miracles meeting. Artwork is in NM condition with image size measuring 10.5" x 16." Signed by penciller Crespo at lower left of image.


Image: Mister Miracle #1 Art by Steve Crespo

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