Batman #311 Art by Irv Novick

Title: Batman #311 Art by Irv Novick Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: DC, 1979 Price: $3,000.00
Original artwork for Batman #311 page 9 (DC, 1979) by the talented team of Irv Novick (pencils) and Frank McLaughlin (inks). Action-packed page from the story, "Dr. Phosphorus is Back!", features the Dark Knight Detective hunting down his deadly adversary, Dr. Phosphorus who boasts in Batman's face that he will destroy Gotham City. Story also includes the origin of Dr. Phosphorus, written by Steve Englehart.

This great piece has Batman in five of the six panels, a superb full image of Dr. Phosphorus, as well as an absolutely SENSATIONAL last panel of Batman standing stalwart in his vintage Golden-Age like pose as he states to Arkham Asylum inmate Boss Rupert Throne, "Madmen!" Simply classic in every way!

It is quite scarce to find a Batman page that has such excellent images of both Batman and the villain as well. A rare treat!

Artwork is in excellent condition with image size measuring 10" x 15."

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Image: Batman #311 Art by Irv Novick

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