Nightwing Annual #2 Cover Art by Joe Bennett

Title: Nightwing Annual #2 Cover Art by Joe Bennett Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: DC, 2007
Absolutely stunning original cover artwork for Nightwing Annual #2 (DC, 2007) by Joe Bennett (pencils) and Jack Jadson (inks). The original Robin (Dick Grayson) and the most beloved Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), star in "Hero's Journey" - a warm reflection upon the early budding career/ relationship between these two heroes. As you can see, this cover features outstanding full figure images of both Robin and Batgirl.

One would be hard pressed to find a cover that could match, let alone beat this one! GORGEOUS!

Artwork is in excellent condition with image size 10.5" x 16".


Image: Nightwing Annual #2 Cover Art by Joe Bennett

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