New Avengers Marvel Promotional Banner Art by Mike Deodato Jr

Title: New Avengers Marvel Promotional Banner Art by Mike Deodato Jr Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Marvel Comics, 2005
Very cool promotional original artwork of the New Avengers done for Marvel Comics by fan favorite artist Mike Deodato Jr. Deodato created this fully rendered promo pencil piece to coincide with the release of the super popular New Avengers comic book title in 2005-2006, which was written by Brian Bendis while the book was sitting atop the sales charts. This superb image features such legendary characters as the Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, the Invincible Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Luke Cage and Wolverine in the very forefront. The artwork appeared on large printed banners at various comic book conventions all across the country.

Deodato himself stated, "It was a promo image for when I started doing Avengers with Bendis. Marvel used it for advertising. I remember seeing it in a giant banner at the Marvel booth in a convention I was participating back then.

"Did it while waiting for a new ASM script."

"There is likewise an inked version of this image, but the piece offered here are the original pencils. The inked version was done using a lightbox of the pencils."

Deodato further explained, "I sent that Avengers illo to [Tom] Brevoort and he told me to ink it so they could use it somewhere. My guess for me not inking the original pencils is probably because I already had someone interested on buying the original art for pencils, so I did the inks using lightbox."

Artwork in is like-new condition. Wall-to-wall artwork with image size measuring approx. 11" x 17.25." Signed by Mike Deodato Jr.


Image: New Avengers Marvel Promotional Banner Art by Mike Deodato Jr

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