Detective Comics #418 Art by Irv Novick

Title: Detective Comics #418 Art by Irv Novick Number:
Pedigree: Grading Company: Grade:
Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: DC, 1971 Price: $1,695.00
When was the last time you saw a GREAT Creeper page? Probably been awhile. Original artwork for Detective Comics #418 (DC, 1971) by Irv Novick (pencils) and Dick Giordano (inks) for the story, "...And Be a Villain!" This scene features multiple superb images of The Creeper, especially the deeply emotional close-ups as he laments having been manipulated into battling his friend, The Batman.

There is a piece out of the lower right corner with some tape on the outside boarders on the back of page.

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Image: Detective Comics #418 Art by Irv Novick

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