Fight the Enemy #2 Art by Al McWilliams

Title: Fight the Enemy #2 Art by Al McWilliams Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Tower, 1966 Price: $795.00
Intense battle action original artwork for Fight the Enemy #2 page 29 (Tower, 1966) by the talented team of Russ Jones (writer) and Al McWilliams (pencils and inks). This scene from the story, "The Silent Service" features Lt. Commander Garrison as his tough crew as they engage a German destroyer in the icy North Atlantic Ocean. An exciting battle confrontation as the British submarine slams two deadly torpedoes into the hull of the advancing destroyer.

This is dramatic Silver-Age WW II story telling at its very finest with action-packed artwork by two rather unknown, and yet, highly skilled talents. The sunlight reflection from the ocean surface upon the submarine's hull in panel one is remarkably clever and the dynamic sinking of the exploding destroyer in the central panel three is simply sensational, to say the least! It is quite rare to find such superb combined writing and artwork in this medium.

Large, twice-up artwork is in excellent condition with image size measuring 12" x 18."

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Image: Fight the Enemy #2 Art by Al McWilliams

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