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In Loving Memory, Bob Hughes
August 16, 1937 - October 19, 2016

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Hello fellow collectors, and a very warm welcome from God’s Country, sunny San Diego, CA. Well, 2017 has come and gone like a flash of lightning and we are now in full swing for the new year 2018. We hope everyone of you had a safe and fun Christmas and New Year.

ARCHANGELS is pleased to offer some wonderful new original comic artwork by some of the most legendary creators and artists to ever work in the medium. Included are new listings by such industry greats as Neal Adams, Bill Everett, Jim Starlin, Jackson Butch Guice, Kevin Nowlan and Alan Davis. We are also very excited to be offering a large section of original artwork by the super talented Jerry Bingham - pieces straight from his own collection, which have never been offered on the open market before now.

We have also posted some brand new Signature Series books by such greats as Neal Adams and Bernie Wrightson from such classic titles as Batman, Detective Comics and Swamp Thing.

For all you graphic novel enthusiasts, make sure to check out our two books, The Outlaw Prince and Luna Moon-Hunter. Both are epic, fully painted sagas with truly outstanding artwork. The linked images below will take you to each one of the corresponding web-sites, where the books may be purchased.

Again, thank you for taking the time to drop by and if you might have any questions, make sure to shoot us an email.

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Fight the Good Fight,...
Finish the Course,...
Keep the Faith;

Rob Hughes
La Jolla, CA
Winter, 2018

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