Mighty World of Marvel #5 Cover Art by Jim Starlin

Title: Mighty World of Marvel #5 Cover Art by Jim Starlin Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Marvel Comics UK, 1972 Price: $9,500.00
Original cover artwork for The Mighty World of Marvel #5 (Marvel Comics UK, 1972) by fan favorite Jim Starlin (pencils and inks). ON this spectacular black cover, the Incredible Hulk breaks loose from his confinement after being Banished to Outer Space. The Amazing Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four also appear in insert panels. This piece represents one of Starlin's earliest works.

The Mighty World of Marvel (MWOM) was Marvel UK's very first ever title, debuting in 1972, which spent most of the critical 1970's decade as marvel Comics' flagship title in Britain. MWOM published black and white reprint stories of the American four color material that helped Marvel UK gain a strong foothold in the vast (at that time) UK weekly comic market.

Art is in excellent condition with image size measuring approx. 10" x 16" and overall paper measuring approx. 11" x 17." Signed by Starlin in lower right panel.

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Image: Mighty World of Marvel #5 Cover Art by Jim Starlin

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