Sub-Mariner #61 Art by Win Mortimer

Title: Sub-Mariner #61 Art by Win Mortimer Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Marvel Comics, 1973 Price: $3,500.00
COOL 4-panel battle page as Subby cries, "BACK, YOU MINDLESS RABBLE! NONE may lay hands on the Imperial Person!" Original artwork for Sub-Mariner #61 (Marvel Comics) by the talents of Win Mortimer (pencils) and finishes by Jim Mooney (inks).

This landmark issue represents Sub-Mariner's legendary creator Bill Everett's final work on his timeless anti-hero. And, even though Everett is credited with the scripts, pencils and inks on this entire issue and has been promoted as such, he most likely only worked on the very beginning of the book since he fell ill during the production of the issue and passed away soon thereafter.

See the link for a note on this point:

Ink over blue pencil on Bristol board in excellent condition with an image area of 10" x 15."

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Image: Sub-Mariner #61 Art by Win Mortimer

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