Ka-Zar the Savage #18 Art by Brent Anderson

Title: Ka-Zar the Savage #18 Art by Brent Anderson Number:
Pedigree: Grading Company: Grade:
Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Marvel Comics, 1982
Original artwork for Ka-Zar the Savage #18 (Marvel Comics, 1982) by the talented Brent Anderson (pencil breakdowns) and Armando Gil (finished pencils and inks). This page depicts a very cute scene as Ka-Zar has a lovers spat with Shanna the She-Devil about the sleeping arrangements of their new guests in their home. Shanna submits to her husbands wishes. Great first panel with a stampeding Zabu, who is likewise not thrilled about the surprise imposition.

Art is in excellent condition with an image area of 10" x 15". Signed by Brent Anderson in first panel. Small pencil head-shot on the backside.


Image: Ka-Zar the Savage #18 Art by Brent Anderson

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