Ragman #5 title page art by Joe Kubert

Title: Ragman #5 title page art by Joe Kubert Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: DC, 1977 Price: $1,895.00
Title page original artwork for Ragman #5 (DC, 1977) by the legendary Hall of Fame artist Joe Kubert (pencils and inks). Final issue of this first series starring the enigmatic Ragman, known as "the Tatterdemalion of Justice." This last issue was the only one penciled and inked entirely by Joe Kubert himself and retold the tragic origin of Ragman on this title page; Rory Regan, a Vietnam veteran tries in vain to rescue his father and his three aging friends who are murdered by a trio of mobsters via live electrical wires. Rory reaches out to grasp his dying fathers hand in order to pull the sizzling wires free from him and his friends. The electrical current ends up passing the amazing abilities of the four men directly into Rory - incredible brute strength from the one nicknamed "Samson, the boxing skills of a superb heavyweight boxer and the amazing ability of the greatest acrobat Ringling Brothers or Barnum 'N' Bailey ever saw. Rory would soon avenge these men's murder as the mysterious and feared Ragman, becoming the protector and guardian of Gotham City's slums and ghettos with his base of operation being the junkyard and Pawn Shop named "Rags 'N' Tatters."

Ragman was created by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Joe Kubert. The hero could be considered a "poor man's Batman," and remains a very cool and intriguing recurring character of the DC Universe. Artwork from this first series is very rare.

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Image: Ragman #5 title page art by Joe Kubert

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