Power Man and Iron Fist #63 Title Splash Art by Kerry Gammill

Title: Power Man and Iron Fist #63 Title Splash Art by Kerry Gammill Number:
Pedigree: Grading Company: Grade:
Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Marvel Comics, 1980
OK, ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your hats for here comes your way, LUCK and DEATH!

Absolutely PHENOMENAL Title Splash original artwork for Power Man and Iron Fist #63 (Marvel Comics, 1980), by the talented Kerry Gammill (pencils) and Ricardo Villamonte (inks). From the tale, "Luck and Death," this is most likely the BIGGEST, BADDEST and the NASTIEST FULL FLEDGE, FULL FIGURE, FULL FRONTAL and fully IN-YOUR-FACE LUKE CAGE - POWER MAN - HERO FOR HIRE splash page in existence, BAR NONE! Luke Cage is raving mad, ready for action and fully bent on destruction after he trashes an illegal casino in his neighborhood!

The APEX of Power Man images with a fully detailed background, complemented with a terrific title, "Luck and Death!" The finishing inks on this Bad Boy are so deeply lush and rich that they jump right off the paper at you. All the lettering is expertly hand done and wonderfully rendered by artists Gammill and Villamonte with background details second-to-none. In sum, a GRAIL PIECE for any Luke Cage enthusiast. We have searched far and wide and up and down and defy anyone to find a finer Power Man image anywhere whether it be a splash, cover or otherwise. Signed by Kerry Gammill.


Image: Power Man and Iron Fist #63 Title Splash Art by Kerry Gammill

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