Ka-Zar the Savage #27 Cover Art by Armando Gil

Title: Ka-Zar the Savage #27 Cover Art by Armando Gil Number:
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Type: Original Art Page Color: Publisher Date: Marvel Comics, 1983 Price: $9,500.00
WOW, is this an INTENSE COVER or what?

Phenomenal double spread cover artwork for Ka-Zar the Savage #27 (Marvel Comics, 1983) by artist Armando Gil (pencils and inks). This ink wash cover is so dame cool, so sensationally over-the-top fantastic, that we are not going to go into some long drawn out dissertation about it, but leave that to Marvel's editor of the book, Danny Fingeroth, to tell you himself.

This appeared on the inside front cover of this issue:

"The Story Behind the Cover

"(looks like this is getting to be a regular feature)

"I really like this issues cover. I liked it when artist Armando Gil showed me his sketch for it. I liked it when he showed me his fully penciled, inked and toned version of it and when cover colorist George Roussos finished coloring it. I liked it when I brought it to editor-in-chief Jim Shooter for final approval.

"Jim liked it, too, but he had some misgivings about it. And when I had finished screaming and shouting , jumping up and down, and holding my breath until I turned blue, I had to admit he had some valid points.

"What Jim and I both liked about the cover was the obvious unbridled enthusiasm with which Armando had infused it. Here was an artist who loved to draw - and loved to draw KA-ZAR. He put every last bit of himself into the cover, as he did into the story it surrounds.

"But the problem with the cover was that Armando had given us, perhaps, too much of a good thing, gotten too involved in detail. All the illustration's intricate shapes and patterns seemed to detract from the simple drama of a picture of Ka-Zar and Zabu being attacked by a monstrous version of Ramona while Shanna looked on in markedly uncharacteristic fear and indecision. The cover's various elements seemed to somehow be at odds with each other.

"Yet, we wanted to go with the cover. Not because it was late - we had lots of time on it. Not because covers aren't ever redone - things are often redrawn around here to get 'em just right. No, we wanted to go with the cover because there was still something about it we liked, some indefinable specialness. And we decided we'd resolve our feelings about it by printing it...and asking you folks what you think of it.

"So tell us. How do you feel about this cover? Did it really jump off the rack and grab your eye, or did you buy it because you always buy KA-ZAR? Is the action on the cover and its relation to the story clear to you? Does the coloring help bring out the best qualities of the drawing? Will you remember the cover of KA-ZAR #27 fondly in ten years? Please let us know."

Nuff' said!

Artwork is in excellent condition with an image size of approx. 15.25" x 20."

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Image: Ka-Zar the Savage #27 Cover Art by Armando Gil

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